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Digital Image Files

Obtaining Digital Image Files

All digital image files are, and always will remain, the sole property of © Tom Hunter Photography, by copyright law. Digital image files are not sold, but instead, may be leased for a specific usage (licensing agreement) for commercial advertising.

When purchasing photos, I understand the want for obtaining all the digital image files (as part of your purchase), so that the digital image files would be readily available for you, your family, and friends for making prints (CD Slideshows, Screen Savers, Coffee Mugs, Coffee Books, Albums, Greeting Cards, T-Shirts, internet, etc.), at any time, and at a cheaper cost.

In short, by releasing my digital image files (without a contract/licensed agreement), I’d be selling the farm (setting my business up for failure, not being in control of my work), as the end user, or third party would now be capable of publishing or distorting (both) the images however they may see fit. I concider my images as a quality product, and investment, and its up to me to uphold its standard. I take a lot of pride in my work (because of invested creativity, skills, equipment, etc.), and to have my images pirated or manipulated, would be a disservice of my work.

As for printed images or art, there is great satisfaction in viewing personal photography diplayed up on a wall of your home, office, etc., giving you much pleasure, and something to cherish for many years to come. So it is important to me that my work is presented in its highest standard to my clients, and to anyone who views my product.

Tom Hunter Photography provides a quality service that will fulfill your needs, assuring that you will receive a product with the utmost value (whether it's prints, coffee cups, t-shirts, etc).

If photography, or a stock digital image file is needed for commercial advertising, please contact Tom Hunter Photography to discuss your needs.

To obtain the digital Image file(s), the client must describe (in writing) precisely when, what and how each image will be used. A quote will then be sent to the client for debate. If the clarified usage fee is agreed upon, a contract will be drawn up and an invoice will be sent to the client for payment, and after receiving payment (in full), the Digital image files then be released to the client (end user). The contracted images full time of use will be stated on the invoice (usually starting upon the delivery of the digital image files).

Understanding Usage Fees:

Prices are based on workload requirements, and are subject to change without notice. All images are contracted for a specific usage, but remain the sole property of Tom Hunter Photography by copyright law. It is unlawful to use any image by Tom Hunter Photography with out permission.

Please call for quote.
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